Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top 10 Fantastic Mac Apps

There are alot of Fantastic Mac Apps out there, and I'm going to find them and share them all with you! Now, if you have itunes and you like Mac Software, listen to my buddy Matt Brewers Podcast on mac apps, Mac Fanatic It's an awsome show, and I listen to every episode.

Now, lets get into the software, here are ten apps that I use regularly and cannot live without. (These are notintended to be reviews, Just a simple favorites list and few words I would like to say about each app. More in-depth reviews will come in later posts.)

OmniWeb from The Omni Group
This is the best web browsing experience I have ever had. It is definatly my favorite web browser of all time. You need to check it out. Absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

Endo from Infinite-Sushi
This is one of the best aggregators I have ever used. Its fast, easy, simple and clean. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App, but for those who prefer a more iTunes like look and feel. Then check out NetNewsWire from NewsGator

This is the absolute best when it comes to instant messeging on the mac. Granted, it does not do audio or video, but how often do you use that? Adium lets me sign into an unlimeted number of screennames on many many different instant messinging services, like AIM, YIM, MSN, Google Talk and much much more. There are tons of user generated themes and icons and sounds and more to choose from, so go check it out, have a ball and make it your own. This is definitely a Fantastic Mac App.

Dashtop from Nutty Software
This is a awsome small app that I use all the time. It runs from your menu bar and does a few really cool things. It allows your to drag any of your widgets onto your desktop, it lets you run your screensaver as your backround, lets you move your dock to the top of your screen, lets you hide your desktop icons, hide and show private files and more. This is absolutely and Fantastic Mac App.

Amnesty Hypercube from Amnesty Widgets
Amnesty Hypercube is amazing. If you love widgets like I do, Hypercube is definitely for you. Take widgets to a whole new level with Hypercube. Make dashboard widgets from web widgets, run web widgets on your desktop and tons more. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

iClip from inventive
This is wonderful, I use it constantly for everything. I am constantly copy and pasting tons of different things and iClip gives me a beautiful and safe place to store them. iClip is light, simple and beautiful. Everyone should have iClip. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

OverFlow from Stunt Software
This is a outstanding. I love this application to no end. It is simple, easy to use, and absolutely beautiful. A must have replacement for the Dock. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

Lightroom from Adobe
This is application is what actualy inspired me to try photography. This program makes photo editing and alteration absolutely easy. It does so many wonderful things and to all you photographers I know once you try this you will love it. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

Jing from TechSmith
This application is wonderful. It allows me to quickly make a screencast, usually to show a friend how to do something, then it lets me email it right to them. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

This app is a life saver. This allows you to download all those wonderful torrents out there in an easy to use and userfriendly interface. This is absolutely a Fantastic Mac App.

These are 10 apps that I use on a daily bases. Let me know what you think of these apps, or if you want to recomend any alternatives I would love to hear about them and even discuss them with you if you like. Also, if you have a different top 10, I would love for you to post it on your own blog or even in my comments.

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